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Each of our publications aims to educate policymakers and the public about freedom and good government.

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Anti-SLAPP Statutes: A Report Card  A national survey of anti-SLAPP statutes – that is, statutes which prevent abuse of the legal system by providing additional defenses to those who are sued for exercising their First Amendment rights.


“Regulating Glamour: A Quantitative Analysis of the Health and Safety Training of Appearance Professionals”  A national survey of licensing regulations for barbers, cosmetologists, and nail technicians – and an analysis of how little these regulations have to do with health and safety.

“They’re Taking My Stuff!”: What You Need to Know about Seizure and Forfeiture  A guidebook for citizens and policymakers about how government can take your property.


How To Bring Tax Relief and Tax Reform to Arkansas  A toolkit for reforming Arkansas’s tax policies and tax code.​​​​​​

Twenty Questions (and Answers) about Issue 1 and Tort Reform  A short but comprehensive evaluation of the recent attempt to reform Arkansas’s civil justice system.

Appellate Judicial Candidates on the Issues  How candidates for the bench understand the law.

Arkansas Freedom Scorecards for 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017  Quantitative accounts of how each legislator’s voting record advanced freedom and good government in four previous legislative sessions.


Coming Soon:

• Five Myths of Civil Forfeiture
• Three Election Reforms Arkansas Needs
• A Prosecutor’s Memoirs: Why Cops Should Be Chasing the Bad Guys, Not the Big Bucks

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Not all of these papers were produced by the Advance Arkansas Institute: some of them have no formal connection to AAI, but were produced by AAI associates.

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