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AAI Announces Freedom Scorecard for State Legislators

Updated: Apr 13

Today, the Advance Arkansas Institute has unveiled its latest masterpiece: Arkansas’s Freedom Scorecard.  The Scorecard ranks the voting record of Arkansas legislators based on their support for liberty and good government.

The report rates legislators on six different values: economic freedom, education reform, good government, personal liberty, small government, and tax/budget policy.  Then the scores for these six categories are combined into an overall score.  The report notes that comparing scores across chambers (comparing Senate ratings to House ratings) isn’t workable, since House and Senate members were often presented with different agendas.

The report also designates the legislators who scored in the top tier as “Friends of Freedom.”  The top score in the House was a tie between Representative Duncan Baird and Representative Charlie Collins who both scored 95% overall.  In the Senate, Senator Gilbert Baker received the highest score with a 90%.

Conversely, Representatives Jody Dickinson and Garry Smith scored the lowest in the House with 43% and Senators Jack Crumbly and Sue Madison scored the lowest in the Senate at 51%.

To see where your legislators rank and learn more about the methodology (if you’re into that kind of thing), click here.

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