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Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

Updated: Apr 15

You’re in a high speed chase and you realize that you’re low on fuel. What do you do? What do you do?

Well, I suppose you could have one of your passengers climb into the back of the truck and refill the tank from a gas can. Here’s how that works out, as detailed by reporter Noel Oman in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today (full story available to subscribers only):

Stopping at a service station wasn’t an option and so the truck’s occupants did the next best thing. While the truck was speeding down Interstate 40, one of the men climbed from the cab into the truck bed, opened a container of gasoline and started refilling the truck’s tank. All the while the truck was reaching speeds exceeding 80 mph….Alas, the effort to refill the thirsty truck wasn’t enough. A truck doesn’t get great gas mileage at excessive speed while towing a trailer. North Little Rock police eventually picked up the chase on South Kerr Road into rural Lonoke County, where the truck ran out of gas in the parking lot of the Panola Missionary Baptist Church.

The perps were being pursued by a North Little Rock businessman, Steve Jenkins, after he found them on his property and suspected them of being “up to no good.” And he was right: They allegedly stole some copper from a building on his property. Police picked up the suspects for questioning shortly thereafter.

By the way, I’m adding a new category listing for “Arkansas Criminal Masterminds” to keep track of all these gems.

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