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Prissy Hickerson Eyeing District 1 House Seat (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Word comes in that Republican Prissy Hickerson of Texarkana, who chaired the Arkansas Highway Commission under Gov. Mike Huckabee, is considering a run for the state House of Representatives in District 1, the seat currently held by term-limited House Majority Leader and blogger extraordinaire Steve Harrelson. (Harrelson’s running for state Senate.)

Hickerson says she’s been talking to people about a potential run and may form an exploratory committee in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: To clarify on the above, this post does not reflect my typical “rumor-mongering” approach to these matters: In this case, I placed an ACTUAL PHONE CALL to Hickerson and she confirmed to me that she is looking hard at a run for the District 1 seat. There seemed to be some suggestion that I was just speculating on that (cough*Roby Brock!*cough!).

Since I am the laziest blogger in the entire state of Arkansas, I wanted to be sure that I get maximum credit for the minimum effort I expended in pursuit of this nugget. I know, I know, nobody was more shocked than I….

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