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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 22

Updated: Apr 15

What’s the Matter with the Arkansas GOP?: Columnist John Brummett’s Sunday piece expands upon last week’s Arkansas Project report on a top secret GOP strategy shindig at the home of Rick Calhoun, a Little Rock investment banker (original post here). The ill-advised mainstreaming of a trashy and clownish little political gossip blog continues apace. (Arkansas News Bureau)

What tortured excuse will he use to justify this random sexy photo of Angelina Jolie? Read on to find out!

Questioningly: Capitol reporter Seth Blomeley sits down with Gov. Mike Beebe for an in-depth Q&A session on the issues of the day, and Beebe talks about his charity work in Africa, working with Clint Eastwood and how he balances family life with being an international sex symbol. Oh, wait, that was that Angelina Jolie profile I was reading in that other magazine. That’s not even a particularly funny gag— but Beebe is a bore and I just wanted an excuse to use that Angelina photo. Yay! I win! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Mr. Popular: Amusing catch on photo of Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, from Lance Turner. Just click the link. If they find out who did this, someone is so going to get yelled at by a certain high school football coach. (Lance Turner’s Unimaginatively Titled Blog)

Crime Wave: A 90-year-old Beebe man is fined for selling beer and liquor to minors. When I was in high school, we didn’t call these people “criminals” or “bootleggers.” No, sir. We called them “American heroes.” (AP)

Clip ‘n’ Save: A Prairie Grove hair stylist marks 50 years in the business in this profile piece. The good news is that she’s still going strong at age 87; the bad news is that every one of her clients comes out looking exactly like Eleanor Roosevelt. (Northwest Arkansas Times)

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