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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 19

Updated: Apr 15

No Thanks: Fort Smith to President Obama: You can keep your damn terrorist Gitmo detainees, thank you very much, and don’t even think about asking us to put them up. (KFSM)

Sorry, gals, he's taken

The Candidate: Blogging Rep. Steve Harrelson kicks off his campaign for Arkansas Senate on KATV’s “Daily Debrief” webcast. (The Tolbert Report)

Young Love: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel went and found himself a bride-to-be in Bobbi Fowler of Jonesboro. (AP) (Photo of the loving couple at The Arkansas Times blog)

Reminder: Hey, now there’s a draft bill for the lottery! Hey, I’ll still be damned if I’m gonna read it or follow this issue at all! (AP)

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