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Tina Sherman Watch: Still No Nude Photos

Updated: Apr 15

Still not Tina Sherman

Hey, look who’s back. I’m talking about me. Christmas with the family was great, thanks—hope you can say the same. Thanks for caring.

And thanks also to those Arkansas Project readers who sent along the link to the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas story updating on the the case of the Tina Sherman nude photos.

In case you’ve forgotten, Phillip and Tina Sherman of Bella Vista sued McDonald’s after Phillip left his cell phone in one of the restaurants and employees allegedly published nude photos of Tina, lifted off said phone, on the Internet.

The couple claimed to have endured some harassment and embarrasment, and all traces of the photos have mysteriously been scrubbed from the web, ALMOST AS IF THEY NEVER EXISTED. Hmmm. In this latest development, the McDonald’s folks filed a motion to dismiss the case, saying it’s not their problem.

I do appreciate you guys sending me this story, but I don’t really understand your rather panicky concern for why I hadn’t blogged about it yet. This is a trashy and clownish political and media gossip blog, not the Yale Law Review. We’ve never been interested in the LEGAL issues at stake; our interest has been solely in the NAKED LADY issues at stake. I can’t believe I have to explain that to you, but then again, you’ve been a little obtuse lately, to tell the truth.

Also, here’s a friendly consumer tip from The Arkansas Project: If you should go searching online for the Tina Sherman nude photos, thinking that maybe you’ll uncover them at long last through a Google search, as if no one has thought to try that yet and you’re going to be the one to crack the case, do be careful. I’ve heard that some nefarious types have set up sites and blogs purporting to have the elusive photos, but they’re really just vehicles for viruses and malware that will completely screw up your computer beyond repair.

In a totally unrelated story, I recently had to purchase a very nice new computer.

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