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About Us

The Advance Arkansas Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization committed to advancing public policy based on free markets, individual liberty, and limited, transparent government.

Here's a synopsis of the work AAI has done in the past:


  • Analyzed key bills at the committee and floor levels; alerted legislators and others via email/print bulletins about bill merits and demerits with appropriate discussion and commentary, so that legislators and the public will ideally be fully informed about the consequences of relevant government actions.

  • Similarly, alerted activists, legislators, journalists, public officials, and other citizens with frequent and brief bulletins (or in some cases, longer analyses) that explain legislative activities.

  • Produced proposals that can be drafted and filed by legislators, as well as appropriate discussion and commentary on these proposals.

  • Provided testimony at legislative committee hearings on bills that are especially consistent or inconsistent with the Institute’s mission, either directly or via recruitment of experts.

  • Spoken to the media as a source of knowledgeable, nonpartisan commentary on public policy.

  • More generally, coordinated other activities that inform the public about the virtues of limited and constitutional government, individual freedom, and a free society.


The Institute relies entirely on charitable grants, donations, and unpaid volunteer labor. Occasionally, we are asked about the identities of our donors. We keep all individual donor information completely confidential. We have received assistance from roughly 500 donors; over 96% of our donors live in Arkansas.


The Institute is led by its President, attorney and former State Representative Dan Greenberg. If you have questions, please contact us at or (501) 588-4245.

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