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AAI Announces Medicaid Town Halls

Updated: Apr 13

If you’re like me, you’ve been startled to see allegedly conservative lawmakers heralding the wonders of expanding government in Arkansas via the Medicaid “private option.” Well thank God for our affiliate, the Advance Arkansas Institute: today they announced five town hall meetings to be held across the state next week.

The meetings will focus on Medicaid expansion and the “private option” — they’ll feature national policy experts, including Christie Herrera of the Foundation for Government Accountability, Ed Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation, and AAI’s own Dan Greenberg. Towns included in the tour include Hot Springs, Conway, Benton, and North Little Rock. To get a full list of venues and to register, please visit AAI’s website.

In a press release announcing the meetings, Greenberg said they are vital for determining the path Arkansas will take:

Arkansas faces some large choices: should we expand the scope of Medicaid as many Northern states are doing, create a voucher system for Medicaid-like health insurance (as has been proposed by several Arkansas policymakers), or follow the path of most states in our region by refusing to expand Medicaid? Although Arkansas policymakers are announcing that they will not expand Medicaid, it appears that the insurance plan they propose has a great deal in common with conventional Medicaid expansion — the path that Arkansas policymakers say they’re rejecting. If you want to get the facts on the options that are being discussed, you should attend one of our town hall meetings.

So get to it! Register for the town hall nearest you at AAI’s website. Seating is limited at some venues, so register today!

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