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An Evening with Senators Pryor and Lincoln

Updated: Apr 15

Sen. Mark Pryor

Sen. Mark Pryor: What, me partisan?

In Sebastian County, they held this event on Monday billed as “An Evening with the Senators.” It was hosted by the Sebastian County Democratic Party, with tickets running $100 for dinner, $125 for dinner with reception, and $1,000 or $1,250 per table.

“This is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” crowed Sebastian County Democratic Party Central Committee chair Lee Webb in “Entertainment Fort Smith,” a local mag that was kindly provided to me by an Arkansas Project reader.

You can read more about the event in this story from the Southwest Times Record’s Rusty Garrett, which notes that 425 “party faithful” attended to hear Sen. Mark Pryor declare, among other things, that Sen. Barack Obama could win Arkansas.

Pryor argued that “Republicans can’t win if they talk about the issues, which is why they “’have to get personal’ in the race, spreading rumors and dishonest statements about the Democratic candidate.” (This is amusing given the rumors that Hillary Clinton’s acolytes spread about Obama during the primary).

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Sen. Blanche Lincoln joined in the fun:

Lincoln also pointed out a number of Senate races in other states will be close, giving the Democrats the possibility of gaining enough of a majority to allow the party to “get some things done” in improving the lives of hard-working American people.

The punchline? This event was billed, according to the aforementioned Fort Smith magazine and an area Republican legislator who received an invitation to attend, as “a bipartisan event open to everyone.”

Goodness, I’d sure hate to see how they act at the partisan functions. I presume those events would include burning effigies of Dick Cheney and sacrificing virgins on an altar in tribute to Lyndon Johnson.

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