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Ark. Criminal Masterminds Update: Barber, Alamo Edition

Updated: Apr 15

Following up on a couple of Arkansas Criminal Masterminds entries from the last week:

Barber: He knew when to hold 'em. If only he'd known when to fold 'em.

Yesterday we reported the news of northwest Arkansas real estate developer Brandon Barber getting nabbed on a DWI charge in Fayetteville (his second in just over two years). The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Adam Wallworth adds a little spice to the stew, reporting that police discovered that Barber was wanted on a felony warrant out of Nevada for an unpaid $16,000 gambling debt owed to a Las Vegas casino. He settled up yesterday for the total amount, plus a 10 percent fee. Ain’t he just the dickens?

Nutty Arkansas evangelist Tony Alamo was arrested by the FBI yesterday on child sex charges, following a raid on his southwest Arkansas compound last weekend. I’ll just let you click on over and read Jon Gambrell’s fine AP story on the arrest for more on the good reverend’s latest twisted adventure.

Now, you may say, “But, seriously, Dave, how twisted is he?” To which I say, I’m glad you asked. Let’s let the man speak for himself, as he did in a telephone interview this week with a foxy and feisty FOX News anchorbabe. It is just truly, truly awesome:

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