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Arkansas GOP Picks New Chair (Updated!: It’s Webb)

Updated: Apr 15

Doyle Webb (top) and Joseph Wood

The Republican Party of Arkansas elects a new chair for the coming election cycle in Little Rock today. The leading hopefuls are former state senator Doyle Webb and Fayetteville businessman Joseph Wood. The race has been covered on this blog extensively over the last few weeks, so scroll down to read more. I’ll update when we’ve got a winner.

Last week, I joined Blake’s Think Tank blogger Blake Rutherford and business watcher Roby Brock on “Talk Business” to discuss the looming races for GOP and Democratic state chairs.

Updated: As had been widely expected, Doyle Webb has been elected the new chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Hail to the chief. (Thanks to Arkansas Project correspondent R. who called it in from the site.) If you’re truly obsessive and must know the details of the meeting, then The Tolbert Report is your man on the scene.

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