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Arkansas Project Contributors in the News

Updated: Apr 15

Posting on the blog has been a little slow the last few days, as I had to travel out of state to visit Arkansas Project Mother (APM), who was having gall bladder surgery last week. I think she was having it taken out. Or maybe she was having an extra one put in. I wasn’t real clear on that. Anyway, she’s fine.

Growing Up Kinkade: The Ancestral Manse

I couldn’t do any blogging from the Kinkade ancestral manse, as they only have, get this, DIAL-UP INTERNET. I know, I didn’t know that was still around either. I may as well have been in the middle of Amish country, where the Internet is powered by some sort of modified butter churn hooked up to some wheels and pulleys. It’s antiquated, you see. That’s the point I’m trying to make with this now painfully extended riff on old-timey technology. Next up: More gags from the olden days before the polio vaccine was discovered!

Anyway, I’ll be catching up on a few things I’d wanted to post about, and thought I’d point up a few notes about The Arkansas Project team:

Dan Greenberg and Freeman Hunt

Rep. Dan Greenberg gets a mention in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today for his opposition to the ballot proposal to enable annual legislative sessions. For more from last week on why Dan believes this is a bad idea, go here.

Meanwhile, occasional Arkansas Project Contributor Freeman Hunt, who’s expecting her second child, noted today on her other blog that it’s going to be another boy, so you can go ahead and expect one more right-wing voter on the Northwest Arkansas rolls around the year 2027 or so. Congrats to the Hunt family.

And I noted this earlier today, but I don’t want to be left out of this round-up, so I refer you to Kane Webb’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column from today in which I, and this blog, make a cheerful guest appearance.

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