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Arkansas Project Most Handsome Blogger

Updated: Apr 15

Arkansas Project publisher "Dapper" Dave Kinkade in an undated file photo

It’s official: Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times has dubbed me more handsome than Think Tank blogger Blake Rutherford. The truth came out in a webcast interview with KATV reporter Kristin Fisher this evening, which you could watch here if there was a video archive, but there’s not, so you’ll just have to imagine it. (Rutherford pouts about it here. There’s no shame in coming in second to a face like this, Blake.)

I asked Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) how it felt to know that she’s with the most handsome political blogger in Arkansas, and she just snorted and said “that’s kind of like being voted most likely to succeed in a terminal cancer ward.” There are times when I really wish APG would just shut up and let me savor my victories.

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