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Arkansas Project Now 100% More Twittable*

Updated: Apr 15

Not a lot of posting today, you likely noticed, because things are kind of slow out there with the weather and the looming holidays, plus I had a load of work to focus on. But a couple of notes:

The Arkansas Project finally broke down and set up a Twitter account, which you can follow at I haven’t done too many updates just yet, as I’m observing some of the folks I’m following and trying to figure out how it works and what the hell to do with this thing to make it of value for me and readers. (Thanks for nothing, Lance Turner, for exposing my Twittering before I was ready to go public. Damn bloggers.)

And if you thought that the civil war raging between John Brummett and the Arkansas blogosphere had ended, boy, do I envy your rich and fascinating life. But the fracas continues over at Blake’s Think Tank blog, where Blake Rutherford, Jason Tolbert and I weigh in on some blogging issues, if you’re into that kind of thing. Plus, Brummett makes a couple of surprise appearances in the comments section, before ducking away again. You know what that means: Six more weeks of winter.

*Rejected headlines for this post included “A Steaming Pile of Twit” and “I’m Getting Too Old for This Twit.”

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