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Arkansas Project, Other Clowns on Radio Sunday

Updated: Apr 15

In violation of both good judgment and all canons of quality broadcasting, The Buzz/103.7 in Little Rock is allowing Blake Rutherford, Lance Turner and me back on the air on Sunday morning, where radio impresario R.J. Hawk will ride herd on our antics from 9 a.m. to noon as we talk about politics and current events and whatever buffoonery comes up.

You may recall we did this a couple of months back and the results were just simply disastrous.

Our ringleader Blake is sitting in for usual host Bill Vickery, who’s been dispatched to Thailand to conduct an investigation into the unseemly and mysterious death of actor David Carradine. “Accident? That was no accident,” a steely-eyed Vickery grumbled as he grabbed his detective hat and dashed out the door to catch a red-eye flight to Bangkok.

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