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Arkansas ‘Tea Party’ Protest Today in Little Rock (Updated! Thrice!!)

Updated: Apr 15

**Some reports on the protest in the comments section; check it out.

We noted a couple of days ago the “Arkansas Tea Party” protest that was being organized to coincide with Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s big dollar fundraiser with Vice President “Joltin'” Joe Biden in Little Rock today in Little Rock. Consider this your reminder to check it out, as well as your reminder to send on-the-spot photos (or links to photos, if you put them up on Flickr or something) and I’ll include them here.

Again, go see these guys for the details. Don’t miss it! This may be your only chance to see Joe Biden and a bunch of Arkansas Democrats get teabagged. Wait, what? I don’t think that was exactly what I meant to say.

UPDATE: Dedicated Arkansas Project reader and voluntary correspondent someguy hits the comment section to report that he went down to the Peabody Hotel, the purported location of this shindig, and saw no signs of any protest activity whatsoever.  Well. All right then. So much for that.

He does report, however, that he got to see the march of the Peabody ducks, and I’m sure they were lovely. For more information on the legend of the Peabody Ducks, visit their website, or consult your local library. The more you know!

UPDATE 2: Here’s an AP story on Biden’s visit, in which he talks about how he thinks folks have confidence in the Obama administration’s ability to deal with the financial crisis, and that he thinks recent gains in the stock market are the result of “the Obama factor.”

This is, of course, a politically moronic thing to say, since it retardedly ties Obama to the vacillations of the stock market, so if the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes down again at any time in the next four years, and of course it will, I guess that will be the “Obama factor” at work, too.

All of which means that as soon as Joe Biden gets back to Washington, President Obama should lock him in a cage in the Naval Observatory and not let him out till December 2012, at the very earliest.

UPDATE 3: But, wait! A dissent! Commenter Protester files a different report:

Did you try going outside? There were nearly a hundred people, probably more, between 5:00-6:00 with a sign in every other hand. Secure Arkansas, The Arkansas 2nd District Campaign for Liberty and a few other groups including many unaffiliated average citizens were chanting and waving…

No sign of any photos yet, but we’ll link to ’em or post ’em if they show up. News coverage, too. Other reports from the scene? Drop ’em in the comments section and I’ll highlight here.

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