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Brummett: Dukakis, Gore, Kerry…Obama?

Updated: Apr 15

Obama: What, Me Worry?

Obama: What, Me Worry?

Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett assesses the situation in the presidential race and is none too happy, dagnabbit.

In a fiery Thursday column, Brummett has no use for the GOP ticket, as you might expect, but he reserves his toughest criticism for Democratic nominee Barack Obama, who he says looks to be going the way of John Kerry, Michael Dukakis and Al Gore. To wit:

One thing Democrats stand for — or so we thought — is raising taxes on these relatively few persons with extreme high incomes. After all, these wealthy elite reaped inordinate personal benefits from the across-the-board Republican tax cuts, which, in turn, have exploded the deficit that Bill Clinton erased and replaced with a surplus.So now Obama says he may not immediately let those high-income tax cuts expire, owing to the troubled economy and all.One thing Democrats stand for — or we thought — is ending the war in Iraq. So now Obama says the surge is working.One thing Democrats stand for — or so we thought — was a well-articulated position to protect a woman’s right to choose abortion. So now Obama says the morality of the abortion issue is “above my pay grade.” Then he says he doesn’t like the way he put that.Please — somebody send for Hillary, quick.
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