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Capsearch Joins the Arkansas Blogging Game

Updated: Apr 15

A few weeks ago I directed your attention to Capsearch, the new web-based legislative tracking service for Arkansas spearheaded by Matt Price as some kind of joint venture with the gang at Arkansas Business Publishing.

Price e-mails today to say that the service is taking flight this week, and I’m happy to report that Capsearch will include some original content on Arkansas government, policy and politics, including “The Insiders’ Blog” run by Price and a few cronies.

And if you scroll down the page a bit, you’ll even see that one David Kinkade, that handsome devil who runs The Arkansas Project blog, will be contributing some occasional material to the Capsearch site.

I asked how much it paid, and Price said he’d give me “this bag of magic beans.” Naturally, I jumped at the chance, but the more I look at these beans, the more I think they’re not really “magic.” In fact, unless I miss my guess, they’re actually “pinto.”

Anyway, go give Capsearch some of your love and affection, and add it to your regular reading list.

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