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Central Arkansas Refresh Group Meeting, Tuesday

Updated: Apr 15

If it’s the last week of the month, that must mean it’s time for another meeting of the Central Arkansas Refresh Group, a gathering of tech-minded folks who convene monthly in Little Rock for networking and education on social media and other emerging technologies.

It’s our third meeting, and the good news is that, after meeting 2, it became clear that our previous venue wasn’t going to be big enough for our burgeoning numbers (25-30 showed up for last month’s gathering). So we’re relocating to the Flying Saucer in the River Market in downtown Little Rock. (Group founding father Cotton Rohrscheib has a map over at his site, if you’re coming from out of town.)

Join us, won’t you? And join our Facebook group, too, if you’d like to receive regular updates on group activities. (Holy cow, I just realized the Facebook group has grown to 78 people.)

Oh, and Cotton points out we’re on Twitter, too. Follow @refreshca if that’s your thing. While you’re at it, you might as well go ahead and follow me, too.

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