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‘City Wire’ is New Fort Smith News Site

Updated: Apr 15

This just popped up in my inbox and looks interesting: The City Wire is a bloggish site dedicated to coverage of local news in Fort Smith, a co-production of Michael Tilley and Tom Kirkham. (Tilley’s a longtime business reporter up in Fort Smith and Kirkham’s a web guru.) As they tell it:

It is their goal to establish The City Wire as a reliable, informative and entertaining source of news and other happenings in the Fort Smith region. Each Monday and Friday, The City Wire will e-mail a newsletter providing more than 2,000 people in the Fort Smith region a preview of what the week might hold and a review of key local, state, national and global events of the week that ended.

Tilley explains it all in much more detail here. It appears he was a victim of the recent Stephens Media cutbacks up in Fort Smith, and ‘The City Wire’ is his new reportorial home. Check it out.

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