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Don’t Cry For Me, Bella Vista

Updated: Apr 14

It’s all health care, all the time these days. Sen. Blanche Lincoln was in northwest Arkansas this weekend, chatting it up with some local Democrats (after some initial confusion as to whether she was making a public town hall appearance), and a Twittering friend sends along links to some video she captured of Lincoln making the pitch for ObamaCare:

There are three more installments, so go over here to watch those. An estimated 100 protesters were on hand to register their dissent to a government take-over of health care.

And, no, I’m not quite sure why they had her speaking down to the crowd from a terrace, unless they were trying to make her look like Eva Peron, or maybe Mussolini’s kid sister. Is that what they were going for? Because if that’s the case, well then, mission accomplished.

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