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Ed Rollins to Keynote Pulaski GOP Dinner, Sept. 24

Updated: Apr 14

If you’re a Republican political junkie, you might want to sit down right about now, because I’ve got news that will just knock you on your ass, should you unwisely remain standing after I gave you fair warning: Famed political strategist Ed Rollins will be the keynote speaker at the Pulaski County Republican Committee’s 2009 Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner on Sept. 24.

The event will be at the Maumelle Country Club, and tickets are $75 a pop. (I’ve requested more info on whom you’re supposed to contact to get tickets and will insert it here when I get it.)

Rollins was the engineer of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide victory, then he did a bunch of other stuff, and then he was campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee’s presidential bid a couple of years ago during the brief and weird period when we were all like, “Holy crap,  did he just win Iowa? I think he just won Iowa.” Remember that? O, what a time that was.

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