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Feds Raid Tony Alamo Compound

Updated: Apr 15

I didn’t post much this weekend, you may have noticed, but I didn’t want the biggest Arkansas story of the weekend to pass without a mention here: Preacher/entrepreneur/evangelist/cult leader/all-around weirdo/Arkansas original  Tony Alamo found himself at the center of yet another law enforcement probe this weekend when federal agents stormed his compound in southwest Arkansas and took six kids into custody as part of a child pornography investigation. The AP has the full story here.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette offered some terrific contextual coverage to capture the Tony Alamo story in all its warped glory:

Frank Lockwood examined the gonzo theology of Alamo’s ministry (which includes a heavy emphasis on flying saucers, because, you know, why not?)

Michelle Bradford rounded up local response to the arrest from Alamo’s neighbors, none of whom have much use for the guy, surprisingly enough.

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