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Gene Jeffress: Obamacare Is “Christianity At Its Best”

Updated: Apr 13

Is this Arkansas heat getting to him?  Is it the stress of holding public office?  Are there underlying organic brain issues?  I have no idea. Remember yesterday when I speculated that Senator Jeffress appeared to be “troubled?”  Now another Jeffress video has surfaced:  it’s an even more gripping portrait of the immense, crushing burden that demographically challenged political candidates face. (Perhaps a more concise term is “future election losers.”) The Arkansas Project has obtained this new video, taken at the same campaign event as the previous video–which has now made national news.

In this latest video, Jeffress begins by speaking, and ends by screaming, as he tells the story of a young woman he met who needed a medical procedure she could not afford under her insurance plan.  She was able to get the treatment, apparently due to the work of some lobbyists who pulled some strings and got her into UAMS, but she died.  Now, desperate for votes and inextricably linked to Obamacare, Gene Jeffress apparently wants you to believe that if you had paid for her treatment, she might’ve lived. (If this strikes you as making no sense at all, I assure you that you are not alone; I personally find the idea of medical resource allocation being determined by well-connected people terrifying, and there is certainly plenty of reason to believe that, under Obamacare, this problem would only worsen.)

Jeffress makes other powerful arguments, such as:

“This is true life!  This is life, y’all!  This is what real life is about!  It’s about life and death!  It’s not about something that somebody don’t wanna give somebody else!  Do you hear me?”

The kicker:  Near the end of the video, in reference to Obamacare, Jeffress says, “This is Christianity at its best.”

I wanted to write an analysis of Jeffress’s talk, but I fear that I am not up to the task. Either its logic is so brilliant that I cannot comprehend it, or it is as a practical matter devoid of anything like evidence or arguments.  Decide for yourself.

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