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Get Your Mark Pryor App!

Updated: Apr 13

They’ve outdone themselves this time: the National Republican Senatorial Committee has released their own version of the Apple App Store. They’re calling it “The Dem App Store.” It’s a pretty clever little site. (So clever that I wish I had thought of it.) Several of the more vulnerable Democratic Senators from around the country are featured in the store with their own app. In fact, Arkansas’s own Mark Pryor is listed in the “Old Favorites” section. According to the Pryor app description, he’s compatible with Obama’s liberal agenda and proudly supports Obamacare. He’s also “voted to raise taxes on Arkansas families and joined President Obama to bail out the big banks on Wall Street.” (But I thought Senator Pryor supported “Arkansas values”?) Despite these glowing achievements, the reviewers haven’t been too kind to our beloved Senator: Colleen from Bentonville says her Pryor app stopped working as soon as she landed in Washington D.C. (But I thought Senator Pryor believed that “Arkansas comes first”?) If you want to learn more about the Senator Pryor app, visit The Dem App Store today — but be careful what you download.

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