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GOP’s Ray Heading Out (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Roby Brock’s Talk Business blog—or maybe it’s his Political Buzz blog, I don’t know, I can’t keep the damn things straight—says that Republican Party of Arkansas executive director Karen Ray is on her way out, moving to Mississippi where her fiancé is going to graduate school.

So, let’s get started with aimless suggestions as to who should replace her! I say blogger Jason Tolbert. Anyone for Jason Tolbert? The kid’s got enthusiasm, plus his own video camera, which could come in handy at news conferences and stuff. Everyone OK with Tolbert? OK, great!

BREAKING! Jason Tolbert will be the next executive director of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Remember, you heard it here first. Hooray!

UPDATE: You can go ahead and color me shocked that there would be as much interest in the executive director of the Arkansas GOP—I mean, seriously, think about it — but the traffic numbers don’t lie.

So if you must know more, you should be aware that Tolbert is throwing out all kinds of random names over at his blog.

You should know that young conservative firebrand Rett Hatcher is offering pertinent thoughts.

You should know that Blake Rutherford is dropping acid.

And you should also know that the most likely candidate will not be any one of the names you see floated on these blogs, but someone picked by the Republican National Committee, most likely with Mr. Clint Reed’s blessing.

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