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Greene on Schools: No More Taj Mahals

Updated: Apr 15

Future Fayetteville High School (artist's rendition)

University of Arkansas education reformer Jay P. Greene has a nice post at his blog looking at the discussion of a new building for Fayetteville High School. Local officials are talking about building a “21st century” high school facility to replace the current aging high school, but Greene argues that it’s not facilities the district needs to invest in:

How about if we take some of the money that we were willing to spend on a shiny new building and invest it intelligently in recruiting, retaining, and motivating the best teachers?

I couldn’t agree more: The quality of facilities has nothing to do with the students’ educational experience. For example, kids in rich schools can run into trouble with drugs and crime just as readily as kids in poor schools. At least that’s the lesson I learned from watching “21 Jump Street.”

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