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Grudge Match: Cummins on Dept. of Justice (Updated!: This Is Really Old!)

Updated: Apr 15

UPDATE: So the article referenced below came across my RSS feed today, for some reason, and thus I was under the impression it was new. It’s not. It was published in 2007. WTF, Google Reader? Why are you shooting up two year old articles all of a sudden?

Which is a long way around of saying you can pretty much skip this post, because it is totally stupid. But I’m not going to delete, as punishment for my folly and to give you an opportunity to mock me.

Jesus, remind me never to piss off Bud Cummins, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Cummins was one of the presidentially-appointed prosecutors fired by the Bush Administration in 2006, a move that stirred controversy when it was alleged that the firings were political. (That’s an incredibly short summary, but you can go read this for more.)

Cummins is in the Washington Monthly with a lengthy takedown (UPDATE: TWO YEARS AGO, Dave. Sheesh) of Justice Dept. spokesman Brian Roehrkasse, whom Cummins argues should be dismissed for his “pattern of deception” in issuing public statements intended to mislead.

Read the whole thing. (UPDATE: If you like reading two year old articles. Sheesh. I really need an assistant to fact check this shit.)

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