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Hardin: It Coulda Been Worse….

Updated: Apr 15

Scandal-tainted University of Central Arkansas President Lu Hardin resigned yesterday, and he’ll take with him a buy-out package that, along with his current salary, will amount to nearly $1 million, according to this story by John Lyon at the Arkansas News Bureau. I think the word you were looking for was “ka-ching.”

I'm contractually obligated to post at least one bikini photo per week. coulda been worse. Here’s a story out of Iowa about a community college president who resigned this week and carried off a $400K walk-away package after photos surfaced of him, shirtless, “aboard a boat with a group of young people, holding the spigot of a small beer keg suspended over a young woman’s open mouth.”

The now-former president is in the photo there at top left. I think we can all agree that the additional $600K paid out to Hardin is worth it if it means he keeps his shirt on.

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