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Has Kim Hendren Gone Meshuggeneh? (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Today The Tolbert Report follows up and fills in on last week’s report about GOP Sen. Kim Hendren’s frosty reception at the May meeting of the Pulaski County Republican Committee, where Hendren took some hits from attendees about his votes on taxes.

Previously unreported and tucked away in Tolbert’s post is the news that Hendren, in talking about Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, referred to the New York Democrat as “that Jew.” Hendren apologizes for the remark and attempts to explain, but the story’s already gone national, and anyway, what the hell?

Please keep in mind that Hendren announced his candidacy to challenge Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln less than a month ago and just about everything that’s been written about him since then has noted his propensity to “stick his foot in his mouth.” He even admits it himself in his remarks to Tolbert, who is generous in crediting it to Hendren “saying what he thinks.” Well.

Which is my way of saying, Hendren just needs to drop out of the race right now. He’s done. Period.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Roby Brock is blogging madly today over at the Political Buzz, and he says former Razorback football player Chris Bequette is eyeing the race on the GOP side as well. Hey, good news, Chris! I think a spot just opened up!

And I may have been rash in suggesting that Hendren must drop out now. He can wait till tomorrow and do the whole late Friday afternoon press release about wanting to “spend more time with his family.” I’m fine with that.

UPDATE: Hendren talks to AP’s Andrew Demillo and attempts to clarify. And here’s another Politico analysis piece that headlines Hendren as “A Walking Gaffe Machine.” Marvelous.

And over at Blake’s Think Tank, Blake Rutherford’s launched the “Hendren’s Out” countdown, it looks like. And a blogging John Brummett unleashes one of those verbs no candidate wants to hear used to describe his campaign: “Implodes.”

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