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Here Is What Some of Our Friends Are Up To

Updated: Apr 14

A few Arkansas Project pals have scored some nice achievements these last few days, so let us now pay tribute to these characters.

David Sanders (top); Blake Rutherford; and Nick Stovall

1) Arkansas News Bureau columnist David J. Sanders landed a fine guest column in today’s Wall Street Journal. Sanders reports from a recent conference on philanthropy at the Clinton Presidential Center and questions the growing dependence of government dollars in private foundations. Sanders writes:

Remarkably, most of the recommendations had little to do with philanthropy. Rather, they were wish lists for Congress. These philanthropists turned government activists were eager to rewrite the Title I funding formula and to lobby the administration for more money for rural broadband. One presenter urged the group to advocate for a national energy policy that takes into consideration social, environmental as well as economic impacts. Another group recommended lobbying Congress and the Agriculture Department to create philanthropic rural-development endowments.Looks like the administration is beginning to nationalize another sector of the American economy.

2) Blake’s Think Tank blogger Blake Rutherford announced yesterday that he’ll be launching a regular Sunday morning radio show on 103.7 The Buzz in Little Rock, starting August 16, with a focus on politics, local affairs, sports and whatever else he can think of.

He’s slated for 7-9 a.m., which I’m told is a choice time slot because it allows you to hit the “folks getting ready for church” demographic as well as the “meth addicts just coming down after their Saturday night tweak” crowd.

3) The Arkansas blogosphere and the Lonely Misfits Drinking Society bids a fond farewell to young Nick “Zack” Stovall of the Arkansas News Bureau and the Unfamous First Words blog, who’s moving to St. Louis to do something or other. I forgot to ask, but I assume it has something to do with fighting crime and solving mysteries. Good luck to him and stuff.

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