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Huck’s New Grill

Updated: Apr 15

From an Arkansas Project Correspondent:

Many FOMHs (Friends of Mike Huckabee) have been buzzing about the former governor’s new dental work. In fact, one longtime Huckabee pal, who asked not to be named, confirmed yesterday that Huckabee has traded in his God-given smile, which left a lot to be desired, for porcelain veneers.

“It’s no secret that his (Huckabee’s) teeth were in bad shape,” the Huckabee friend said. “But, make no mistake about it, his new blinding-white grill will make Jessica Simpson jealous.”

There is now visual evidence of Huckabee’s cosmetic dentistry. Here’s the before from Nov. 2007:

Here’s the after from Aug. 2008:

When asked if Huckabee might undergo future cosmetic surgeries, the friend claimed that he wouldn’t be surprised if Huckabee “chose to go under the knife again,” especially now that the governor said to be finalizing negotiations with the Fox News Channel for his weekend television program. He added that “hair plugs might be a good next step” for Huckabee.

It would certainly make sense, and would be completely justifiable, given that Huckabee’s launching a promising new media career. Any dental forensic experts out there want to weigh in on this burning issue?

Oh, what’s that you say? You say you hate for this blog to descend into thinly sourced gossip items and you’d rather have substantive coverage and commentary on the news that matters? Yeah, you probably clicked on the wrong post. You should be over here discussing the relative inelasticity of cigarette sales and the potential effects on state tax revenues with Greenberg and the rest of the policy wonks.

I’ll be over here with the cool kids, wallowing in our tabloid-y gutter and having a fine old time.

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