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Huckabee Band Sighting in Little Rock!

Updated: Apr 15

Encore! Encore!

The Arkansas Project inbox holds a couple of e-mailed reports on last night’s Mike Huckabee event in Little Rock. Correspondent #1 reports 250-300 people in attendance; Huckabee speaking kind words about John McCain and, with the current fracas in Russia and Georgia, needing a president who “knows where Georgia is on a map — and it’s not north of Florida and east of Alabama”; and a no-doubt rousing Capitol Offense version of “Free Bird.”

Correspondent #2 files a bit later with additional detail:

The event at Clear Channel:

Food: lots of carbs. Lots and lots of carbs. Spaghetti, bread, brownies, salad. The spaghetti had the occasional dash of meat, or at least red sauce, in it. Didn’t Huckabee write a book about this?

People: Many “famous for central Arkansas GOP” people. Lots of candidates and public officials, including Phil Wyrick (wants to be Pulaski County judge), James Ward (wants to be Saline County sheriff, probably will be), two state senators (Gilbert Baker and Sharon Trusty), and just about every central Arkansas state representative seat holder and seat seeker.

Also spotted: Andy Mayberry, Jerry Cox, Tom Formicola, Carmie Henry, Jim Davis, numerous Huckabees, even more numerous state party worker bees, Dennis Milligan‘s son-in-law taking photographs, the extremely lovely Jill Cox.

The band: Surprisingly non-awful. I am used to rock bands with two guitars, not three, but what do I know? Good version of “Born To Be Wild,” but I don’t know that the crowd was young enough to appreciate it. Note to sound crew: just because lots of your audience is wearing hearing aids, this does not actually mean you’re supposed to compensate for it by turning the volume up to ridiculous levels. Chris Pyle on drums, Rick Calhoun on guitar, Aaron Black’s vocals, and our beloved ex-Gov on bass: the West Little Rock sound!

Over at his blog, Saline County Republican Jason Tolbert has a nice little write-up and includes video of the aforementioned “West Little Rock” sound, so I’ll let you judge the merits of that.

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