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Huckabee Blogs from Israel

Updated: Apr 15

Huckabee on media: Oy vey!

Huckabee on media: "Oy vey!"

Over at the HuckPAC site, Mike Huckabee blogs from Israel, where he’s…well, doing something or other, I’m not real sure.

The reason I point it out is that Huckabee uses the occasion to clarify a few things that have been reported about him in the press recently, including today’s report in the New York Post that suggested that he found Israel “safer” than some American cities.

Huckabee is an excellent example of a political figure who has a strong grasp of how to use the web to advance his message, communicate with his supporters in a targeted fashion, respond to his critics and build up his own unfiltered message machine. Whatever his future aspirations, that machine will serve him well.

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