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Huckabee: Early Iowa, NH Primaries a Good Thing

Updated: Apr 15

Here’s Gov. Mike Huckabee sucking up to Iowa and New Hampshire voters explaining why it’s a good thing that Iowa and New Hampshire are the first in the nation primaries (or in the case of Iowa, caucuses) for presidential politics. The reason: Folks in the two early states are “seasoned political veterans” on account of all the time they’ve spent encountering candidates:

Every aspect of the argument here is absurd, of course. If there’s one thing I love about the fact that we’re three weeks past a presidential election, it’s that I know that for the next couple of years, I won’t have to listen to the wise pontification of those flinty New Hampshire voters, or watch clips of presidential hopefuls wandering around some random county fair in Iowa eating pork chops on a stick and shaking hands with those good salt of the earth Iowa voters. They just don’t want to move the early primaries somewhere else because if we did, no one one would ever have any reason to visit their stupid states. Don’t get me started on Iowa and New Hampshire.

Update: On the other hand, here’s good video from the same sitting with Huck calling the financial sector bail-out “the dumbest thing that Congress has done in a long time.” He notes that, had John McCain come out against the bail-out during the 2008 campaign, it might have changed the outcome of the election—or at the very least, would have “changed the dynamic.” Indeed.

And here he is talking about the coming Barack Obama administration: “My guess is that Barack Obama will more disappoint his supporters on the far left than he will enrage his critics on the far right.” He compares Obama to Bill Clinton, and suggests that Obama learned from Clinton’s early mistakes.

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