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Huckabee: ‘No Way’ on Lincoln Challenge

Updated: Apr 15

Mike Huckabee

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee says ‘no way’ to a U.S. Senate run to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2010, the Arkansas News Bureau’s John Lyon reports:

“I can put that one to bed, pull the covers up, tuck it in and give it Ambien. It’s asleep. No way,” Huckabee told reporters after giving a talk at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service.“So for all the speculators who wonder, ‘Well is he really? What’s he really saying?’ what I’m really saying is, it won’t be me.”

Great! That means he’ll have more time to devote to clothing design and to his Saturday night variety show on FOX News! Isn’t that great news? Say, I wonder if I can slice my wrists open with this letter opener…

Update: If you’re a true glutton for all things Huck, The Tolbert Report blog has what looks like 4 hours of video from the event, which is astonishing because it was only like an hour long. I swear to God, next time I see Tolbert I’m gonna take that stupid Flip camera out of his hand, throw it on the ground and stomp it to pieces. It’s just unhealthy.

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