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Huckabee: Overexposed?

Updated: Apr 15

Huckabee: Ubiqitous

“How can I miss you when you won’t go away?” is the question that the AP’s Andrew Demillo has for Mike Huckabee in his weekly political analysis column.

Huckabee’s everywhere these days promoting his new book, chatting up the birds on “The View,” hosting TV and radio shows, and making political appearances on behalf of other candidates. It’s a serious problem. I know, because I had to chase him out of my yard twice earlier today. Look, if you’re not gonna rake the leaves, quit drinking out of the hose.

Writes Demillo:

But his omnipresence leaves one big question: Will voters miss him if he won’t go away?Political experts say Huckabee is walking a fine line between relishing the spotlight and hogging it.“It’s a tricky tightrope act for any politician in his position to perform,” said Mark Rozell, professor of public policy at George Mason University in suburban Washington. “He doesn’t want people to forget about him and his surprisingly good showing in some of the primaries and caucuses. On the other hand, there is a saturation point where people think a politician is pushing himself a bit too hard.”The other problem that Huckabee faces is the perception that he’s not just pushing himself. He’s shoving others out of the way.

There’s countervailing opinion from a GOP strategist who thinks Huckabee’s multimedia play is keeping him at the forefront of the minds of folks who are already eyeing 2012.

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