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Huckabee: Savior of Towns

Updated: Apr 15

Hey, what the hell has been going on with Mike Huckabee’s Saturday night FOX news show lately? I used to track it on a regular basis, but the last time I checked it out he had Tony Danza, of all people, on talking about the economic stimulus package and…well, I just had to take a break, OK?

But look! Huck’s taking his act on the road with a new series titled “Save This Town,” where he visits distressed communities and focuses on the difficulties folks are facing. This weekend he hit Elkhart, Indiana, a town recently visited by President Barack Obama when he was selling the big ticket “recovery” package. Let’s watch:

But more importantly, let’s talk about that FOX News anchor chick, Julie Banderas. Is she hot? I think she’s kinda hot, but it’s a little hard to tell from this video clip. I think we may need to see her in her underwear or a bikini or something to be absolutely sure.

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, Huckabee’s trying to inject some desperately needed energy into his dreadful TV show with some kind of dumbass stunt or something. The end.

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