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‘Huckabee’ Show on FOX: Still Weird (NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO)

Updated: Apr 15

Huck and Chuck

Huck and Chuck

I didn’t watch this week’s installment of “Huckabee” last night on FOX News, but believe you me I’ll be tuning in for the re-broadcast tonight to catch this, via Gawker:

Huckabee’s got a “friend” who tells him this whole mess is the result of “financial terrorism”: “Just today, a friend of mine in the financial markets indicated that he’s been doing a careful analysis of the last 12 days, and there seems to be a manipulation of the marketplace – at the last half-hour of each day, there is an extraordinary rush of computerized trading going on. He believes that there may, in fact, be evidence of economic terrorism that is fueling a lot of what’s going on. Now it’s a fascinating idea, that if somebody could break down the world economy, it would have a greater impact that any bomb ever set off. It seems to be there is plausible argument for it.”

This all came in a discussion about the recent Wall Street financial crisis with chop-socky action figure Chuck Norris, of all people, because America is just dying to know what Lone Wolf McQuade thinks about the economy. (In fairness, I forgot to record the show last night, so I’ll watch tonight to ensure that this exchange is as bizarre in context as it seems to be.)

I’ve written before that “Huckabee” (the show, not the guy) is weird. The assessment stands.

Update: Who loves you more than The Arkansas Project? Answer: Nobody, not even that lying mother of yours. Here’s the actual video from last night, which is fairly terrible quality but you get the point:

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