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Huckabee: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Updated: Apr 15

It’s December 12—have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not, you’re terrible and you suck. Me, I’m in great shape: As soon as I pick up that new ironing board for Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG), I’ll be golden. (Don’t tell her what she’s getting—I want it to be a surprise!)

But if you’ve procrastinated, fear not: Mike Huckabee has your back. For a limited time, you can order copies of his new book “Tuesdays With Mitt” “Do the Right Thing,” autographed by Huck and encased in a snazzy collectible leather gift box. It’ll only set you back $32 for the entire heirloom quality set. And while you’re at it, be sure to pick up a “Team Huckabee” sport shirt, so that I can make fun of you when you wear it.

For more ways to celebrate “A Very Huckabee Christmas,” click here.

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