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“Huckabee” Watch: Week 2

Updated: Apr 15

Huckabee airs Sunday at 7 p.m. at FOX News.

"Huckabee" airs Sunday at 7 p.m. on FOX News.

Arkansas Project contributor Dan Greenberg specifically requested that I devote more coverage to Mike Huckabee’s new FOX News TV show, “Huckabee,” which launched last weekend. (It was weird. You can read The Arkansas Project’s review of the first episode here.) Message received, Dan, and I’ll keep you posted on developments!

As far as that goes, it appears that this week there will be no Saturday night “Huckabee” broadcast — you’ll have to wait till Sunday night for that, according to Huck’s website. Maybe I’ll watch and offer a week 2 update, if it doesn’t conflict with several dozen other shows I’d rather watch. I hope to God they’ve done a little retooling in the last week.

Jason Tolbert at the Tolbert Report noted that the first “Huckabee” broadcast last Saturday was second in the ratings (of four news channels), which he says augurs well for the show’s future. But the true test will be if “Huckabee” holds, and builds, its audience.

And given that FOX News promotion of “Huckabee” is still relatively non-existent, I’m going to have to start demanding some kind of fee, since I’m pretty sure The Arkansas Project has emerged as the central promotional vehicle for the show. Let’s make with the green, Rupert Murdoch.

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