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“Huckabee”: Worst Show on Television?

Updated: Apr 15

Regular readers of The Arkansas Project are aware of the extraordinarily low regard this blog has for Mike Huckabee’s terrible Saturday night show on FOX News. It’s really nothing against Huckabee, I suppose; it’s just that the terrible terribleness of this program cannot be denied.

They go so far to include a reel of video lowlights highlights from the show to help you decide your vote. (It’s like 2 minutes long, but I swear I couldn’t watch to the end.) At this writing, more than 600 votes have been cast, with a rather decisive 84+ percent agreeing that, yes, “Huckabee” is indeed the worst show on television. Get on over and cast your votes today!

How did The Arkansas Project vote? Ooooh, I’ll never tell!

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