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If You Need Her, Call Her (No Matter Where You Are)

Updated: Apr 13

Last Tuesday, I told you about Linda Tyler’s refusal to answer a few basic questions about LM Wind Power and her outspoken support for the governor’s quick action closing fund. Notably, Rep. Tyler actually brags on her campaign website that she is “driven” by hearing from citizens about important issues. Little did I know that the previous Sunday, Rep. Tyler once again reiterated her deeply held commitment to transparency and responsiveness to the people of Arkansas about where she stands on any policy issue:

In short, Rep. Tyler continues to proclaim how pleased she’d be to anwer questions, even though she refuses to respond to questions about her own statements from her website. Perhaps she really is a responsive representative — except on major policy issues where millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted.

The opponent Tyler criticizes — Senator Jason Rapert — scored an 87% on Advance Arkansas Institute’s Freedom Scorecard. Tyler scored a 57%.

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