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It Is Time For A SWIM Party!

Updated: Apr 15

Blake Rutherford and Emily Reeves. Be like them.

Local blogging wunderkinden Blake Rutherford (of Blake’s Think Tank fame) and Emily Reeves (Ms. Adverthinker), both of Stone Ward, had a big splashy announcement today about their new online initiative, SWIM.

That stands for Stone Ward Interactive Meetings, which is some kind of new web-based discussion thingie aimed at college students and, I don’t know, online sexual predators, most likely. I watched the little video but I’m still not sure if I’m real clear on how it works.

But this photo is intended to help me better understand, because it shows Blake and Emily modeling classic “young people” behavior. Blake, leaning against a colorful wall in the casual manner of young people everywhere, is reading the Huffington Post (probably) on his Blackberry, or maybe he’s sending a “tweet” to President Obama. Meanwhile, Emily is firing off an angry e-mail to someone somewhere who didn’t include enough women on a list.

So this photo is aspirational, and it makes me want to be like them, and I now know that SWIM will make that possible, even for someone like you. But to make that happen, you must click on this link.

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