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Labor Keeps Up Pressure On Lincoln

Updated: Apr 15

Though she announced in April that she’d vote against union-backed card check legislation (“in its current form”), Sen. Blanche Lincoln still finds herself on the receiving end of pressure from labor groups, who’d like to see her flip on the issue. (They’re not the only ones put out: Arkansas Greens are weighing a challenge to Lincoln, as well.)

Last week, union sympathizers conducted a 24-hour vigil for card check at Lincoln’s Little Rock office. (Video of the demonstration/vigil is available here.) Meanwhile, the following piece has been hitting Arkansas mailboxes, sent by a labor consortium going by the moniker “Change to Win” (it’s a two-sided self-mailer; I combined front and back into one image for convenience):

Click on image for larger version

Whose side will she be on? Will she choose wholesome and fresh-scrubbed workers, or that ominous-looking New York street sign? Those evil-looking rich dudes in good suits, or that innocent young child forced to subsist on a bowl of gruel, now that Dad’s out of work because the card check bill hasn’t passed? I’m on pins and needles!

That’s more of that top-notch Arkansas Project reporting you’ve come to expect. What big stories will be awaiting me in my mailbox tomorrow? Coming soon: An in-depth look at Dave’s cable bill! Why DOES he order so many pay-per-view movies?

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