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Lazy Larry Relaxation Brownies Make Triumphant Return to Arkansas (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 13

Lazy Larry returns to Arkansas

This is an IMPORTANT UPDATE about a highly consequential matter!:

Lazy Cakes—now known as “Lazy Larry”—relaxation brownies are now back in Arkansas, according to a spokeslady for the manufacturer. Lazy Larry shipments to the Natural State reportedly resumed in the last two weeks, so you should be seeing the product in stores again soon.

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) recalled the mellow melatonin-laced brownies in May in a fit of hysterical regulatory overreach. I road-tested the sleep-inducing treats, and can report that they’re mostly a pleasant gimmick, which makes the ADH overreaction even more puzzling.

The company appealed the recall and, following a few tweaks to the product formula and packaging, ADH announced they would be lifting the ban earlier this month. But beware: state health watchdogs say they’ll continue monitoring the product, so you may want to start stockpiling, just in case.

An exhaustive grid search of the snack sections of two (2) convenience stores near my neighborhood revealed no Lazy Larry presence, but maybe you’ll have better luck. Let consumer freedom reign! And laziness, also.

UPDATE, 8/2/11: Uh oh. It ain’t easy bein’ lazy. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has notified Lazy Larry’s manufacturer that they are now deeming the product “unsafe,” due to the presence of melatonin in the brownies, and may begin seizing them from store shelves, according to this Associated Press story. And here’s the FDA’s warning letter.

So you may want to start stockpiling relaxation brownies, because I got a baaad feeling about where this is all headed.

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