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Let’s All Argue About Health Care

Updated: Apr 14

Maybe you’re just sitting down at your office in northwest Arkansas and dreading the coming day. Why not get out and go do a little protesting against Obamacare?

Go join bloggeress Freeman Hunt and her hearty band of agitators as they demonstrate against a government take-over of the health care system outside the Springdale Holiday Inn this morning while Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln speaks to the Arkansas Association of Counties inside.

Notes Freeman: “Bring your signs and bring your manners.” Quick, Blake Rutherford, explain why this makes her a racist!

If you can’t make today’s festivities, they’ll be hosting a repeat performance on Saturday in Rogers. Check out Freeman Hunt’s blog for more details.

And should your health care preferences swing the other way, I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff for you to do, as well. The K. Ryan James blog and The Tolbert Report have notes on the Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America schedule in Arkansas, and Blake’s Think Tank gives details on a union-sponsored pro-health care rally in Little Rock on August 17, as well as a special appearance by Democratic Rep. Vic Snyder at the Clinton School for Public Service on the following day. Something for everybody!

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