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Let Us Now Praise Dustin McDaniel

Updated: Apr 15

I make fun of Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel when he does things like, oh, I don’t know, write blog posts, because the result is simply tragic. But we also like to give credit where due, especially when we read a heart-warming headline like this: McDaniel: Milk fee bill may be unconstitutional

The story by Arkansas News Bureau’s John Lyon reports that an attorney general’s opinion issued today suggests the proposed Arkansas milk tax could spark a constitutional challenge. Supporters of the tax are already rushing to rewrite the bill and possibly to find another funding source.

As regular Arkansas Project readers know, this blog is no fan of the Arkansas Milk Stabilization Board, a terrible terrible scam invented by state legislators and led by some scoundrel named Woody Bryant who has been promoting a new milk tax to transfer money from consumers to prop up a handful of politically connected Arkansas dairy farmers. So if the attorney general can undercut this terrible idea, he has my unflagging support.

Until he tries to write another blog post. Then I’ll just commence my customary snickering again. I’m a fickle friend.

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