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Lincoln Has New Campaign Site, E-mail Funds Push

Updated: Apr 15

Nice catch over at Tim Griffin’s blog, where he has what he says is the text of a February 10 fundraising e-mail circulated by Sen. Blanche Lincoln. It’s all about those dastardly unaccountable Wall Street types and their fat bonuses:

I need your help to send a message to my colleagues in the Senate and the executives on Wall Street that Americans are fed up. They need to hear from you that you are fed up with the way they’re wasting your money. They need to hear that you demand accountability and reasonable limits on extravagant salaries.

Moreover, Lincoln’s snappy new 2010 campaign website appears to be fully operational. (Last week, we took a look at the senator’s vastly improved office site.)

UPDATE: An Arkansas Project correspondent notes that the Lincoln campaign site has been up since December. But since it only just became known to me today and I am the center of the universe, I’m still classifying it as “new.”

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